ANADA Day Celebration

Event Start Date:December 14, 2019Event End Date:December 14, 2019Event Venue:Asang Community Hall

General Meeting

Event Start Date:November 16, 2019Event End Date:November 16, 2019Event Venue:Asang Hall

General Meeting

Event Start Date:October 26, 2019Event End Date:October 26, 2019Event Venue:Asang Hall

Students Holiday Programme

Event Start Date:August 12, 2019Event End Date:August 23, 2019Event Venue:IKOT OKU, OBOTIM AND OBOTONG

Special Stakeholders Meeting

Event Start Date:July 13, 2019Event End Date:July 13, 2019Event Venue:Asang HallObjective: To unfold the 46th Anniversary of ANADA

Easter Retreat

Event Start Date:April 17, 2019Event End Date:April 17, 2019Event Venue:ASANG Hall