Founded in 1973, Asang Nsit Area Development Association is one of the foremost sociio-cultural Associations in Akwa Ibom State. ANADA was founded by a corpus of very dedicated and committed intelligentsia and leadership of Asang people to provide a platform for the development of the people living contiguously in the area known administratively as Asang Court Area.

Asang Nsit gained its present corporate status to the effort of the colonialist who sought to establish grassroot administrative structures to bring governance close to the people. The Area comprises thirty recognized villages and constitutes one half of Nsit Ibom Local Government Area. With a predominantly rural and agrarian population, Asang people are hardworking, industrious, self-reliant and peace loving. The land is arable, the topography is friendly and the weather conduces to all year farming. However, the occupation of the people has become richly diversified in view of exposure to western education and the acquisition of technical skills in sundry areas.

Politics in ANADA took the back seat at the inception of the Association and the founding fathers had their focus on development in three areas; Education, Health and Industrial Development. Indeed, the driving force and the philosophy of ANADA was Development. This may sound strange until we realize that Nigeria as a nation actually has no other driving philosophy apart from development. Then South Eastern State Government actually chose Development Administration as its system of grassroot administration.

The interest in education was relative and serves to show the wisdom in their intellectual articulation. They were particularly interested in technical Education in order to ensure that the youths of the enclave would have the benefit of skills development and acquisition through hands on experience. This was related to their interest in industrial development of the area. It is this practical approach to developoment that led to the first soap making cottage factory at Obot Idim Nsit.

In recent years however, politics and political issues have loomed very large. This has been for good reasons and has served to defend the interest of the Area. Current thinking is that the enclave needs a balanced and all round engagement for the social, cultural, intellectual and economic development of the area.