At the Ifiok Ye Uforo Foundation fund launch (16th June 2018), the Chancellor presented an address recalling the historic purpose behind the formation of ANADA pointing out the roots of Ifiok Ye Uforo foundation in this founding philosophy.
The Chancellor commended the notable efforts and sacrifices of the founding fathers as reason for our current insight and pursuit.
He encouraged well meaning sons and daughters of ANADA to be faithful in inspiring and touching the hearts of others no matter how difficult the situation they find themselves.

Read his full address below.



Man is said to possess certain divine attributes such as an individual soul or spiritual self, divine intelligence and consciousness and conscience. These special attributes enable man to move, adapt, procreate, commune always with his Creator, relate with his fellow human beings harmoniously, think, plan and can project his mind creatively into the future for his welfare and fellow humans, as well as show compassion for the needy and less privileged members of his human family. All these special divine attributes and other potentials make man the highest and unique creation of God on earth for a divine purpose.
Mr Chairman, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, some forty-five years ago, a group of patriotic men and women of Asang Nsit extraction with good conscience and strong humanitarian inclinations founded the Asang Nsit Area Development Association (ANADA). They had as their main focus and purpose the promotion of scholarship through education and training of the teeming youths and material well being of the people through the initiation of felt need projects. They had a big dream and broad vision about a glorious future of our community and people. They believed and knew that knowledge is power, and that only the possession of true knowledge would enable our people to fight and overcome the five statutory enemies of mankind namely, disease, poverty, fear, ignorance and superstition, and attain prosperity. It was their sincere desire to have generation after generation of knowledgeable and prosperous Asang Nsit people who would not only contribute to the immediate Asang Nsit community, but play their expected role in the progress and advancement of the whole of humanity to the glory of God. They sacrificed their time, energy and material resources to lay the foundation which we are today building upon.
Ifiok Ye Uforo Foundation we are unveiling today is the direct and true idea, vision and philosophy of the founding fathers of ANADA. We consider this to be one of the noblest ideals of our forefathers, which we pledge our total commitment to cultivate, nurture and make the dream realizable. We have come to know and accept the fact that every generation of human beings must sow a seed, in thoughts, words and deeds that would ultimately drive the collective destiny of the people in the direction of their choice. Their worthy example has also confirmed the fact that all recorded achievements or attainments of any human society have always had a direct relationship with the vision, mission and level of spirituality of the leaders at the time.
Mr Chairman, distinguished guests, we are gathered here not to start anything new, but to share in the already set vision and expand it. We are deeply inspired and feel that this is the best way we can salute the courage, and commend the worthy efforts and sacrifices of our founding fathers who saw today, yesterday, and decided to give us a better perspective to follow.
Mr Chairman, ladies and gentlemen, guests and friends of Asang Nsit, today we are enjoying the fruits of the knowledge and labour of the preceding generations, and it is now our turn to sow the seed of Ifiok Ye Uforo that would guarantee a healthy, vibrant, productive, peaceful, happy and prosperous future generations of our people. Sowing of seed is one of man’s divine attributes and the scriptures attest to this, thus ‘whatsoever a man sows, so shall he reap’. This is a law which has been, and will continue to be the reasons for the numerous manifestations within and around man as he journeys through the Hall of Life. However, the type, quality, time, motive and how the seed is being sowed, usually determine what fruits or benefits await the sower or sowers in the short and long run. Let us be careful with what we sow.
We would like to end this address with this quotation from an unknown author “Life is better when you are happy, but life is at its best when others are happy because of you. Be faithful in touching others’ hearts. Be an inspiration. Nothing in nature lives for itself; rivers do not drink their own water. Trees do not eat their own fruits. The sun does not shine for itself and flowers do not spread their fragrance for themselves. Living for others is a rule of nature. We were all born to help each other. No matter how difficult the situation you find yourself in, still do good to others”.
Thank you all and may God increase you a thousand fold in all aspects of life as you donate generously toward this Foundation.


Prince Ime Obot

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