As part of her scheduled activities for 2019, the Asang Nsit Area Development Association (ANADA), held her first General Meeting for the year on Saturday, 19th January, 2019 at Asang Hall,  the International Secretariat of ANADA.The meeting which was presided over by the Chancellor,  Prince Ime Obot, was attended by some BOT members, members of the Crown Council and a cross section of members of the Association.

During the meeting, a number of issues were discussed and some decisions and actions were taken. These included among others, the review of the activities of the Association in 2018 and the status of the implementation of the provisions of  Asang  Communique. Copies of Asang Communique, 2019 Calendar of Major Events and  2019 approved budget of the Association were made available to members present. New members were formally welcomed to the meeting and were registered. A Committee was set up to sensitise and enlighten Village Councils on the importance of the  implementation of the provisions of the Communique.



  1. Yes, this beautiful. It was a great meeting.
    We welcome every son and daughter of Asang to identify with his her root both at home and in the Diaspora through this platform.

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